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The Best Interface Is No Interface: The Simple Path to Brilliant Technology

Best Audio Interfaces in Buying Guide Music Critic Jun , Unsure on the best audio interface to buy Smile, as the team of experts at Music Critic have reviewed the top audio interfaces by considering Value, Compatibility, Customer Feedback and lots You will find the perfect product for you in our guide here Updated September Best Audio Interfaces for Your Home Studio Sweetwater There s never been a better time to buy a great sounding, flexible audio interface for your home studio rig With th

UX for Lean Startups

A Simple Introduction to Lean UX Interaction Design Lean UX is an incredibly useful technique when working on projects where the Agile development method is used Traditional UX techniques often don t work when development is conducted in rapid bursts there s not enough time to deliver UX in the same way Fundamentally Lean UX and other forms UX for Lean Startups Faster, Smarter User May , Great user experiences UX are essential for products today, but designing one can be a lengthy and expens

Service Design: From Insight to Implementation

The Principles of Service Design Thinking Building Service design is all about taking a service and making it meet the user s and customer s needs for that service It can be used to improve an existing service or to create a new service from scratch Service Design Service design Wikipedia Service design is the activity of planning and organizing people, infrastructure, communication and material components of a service in order to improve its quality and the interaction between the service pr