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Spellhacker by MK England I m so thrilled to announce my second stand alone book with HarperTeen, SPELLHACKER It s the story of a heist gone wrong in a futuristic world with magic, starring a girl named Diz who is basically a cactus secretly filled with marshmallow Spellhacker M K England Books Spellhacker is the queer sci fi fantasy book you ve been waiting for There is a wild magic system, inventive tech, high stakes, heists, and at the very heart of it, found family and love I absolutely sp

Chosen (Slayer, #2)

Chosen Slayer, by Kiersten White Goodreads Chosen by Kiersten White is the second book in the young adult paranormal fantasy Slayer series This series is a spin off and takes place in the same world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer after Buffy s time when a new Slayer is chosen as she begins to come into her powers Chosen Slayer Kiersten Chosen sees Nina struggling with her guilt over the loss of Leo and her growing feud with her twin sister doesn t help as Artemis is set on collecting demons an