The Age of Fire is coming It s written in the stars.Trapped by dark magicians, the air nymph Kiri is running out of time Like the rest of her kind, she s bound to her homeland, and if she doesn t return in seven days, she ll die Her only hope is in the magicians young apprentice, Darien, whose fierce gaze belies a kind heart Despite her warnings, he helps her escape, and Kiri soon finds herself fleeing from relentless pursuers who will stop at nothing to recapture her and kill the boy who dared defy them.With the magicians hot on their trail, Kiri and Darien embark on a treacherous journey through dangerous lands But she soon learns that there s at stake than her own life An ancient evil is stirring, one foretold to consume the world with fire And Darien is at the center of it though how, she doesn t know.Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on her life, and unless she can make it back to her land, she won t live long enough to unravel the dark puzzles surrounding the intriguing, secretive young man or stop the monstrous force bent on destroying everything. Best Read Windborn [ Author ] Mary Fan [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

Mary Fan is a YA and SFF author hailing from Jersey City Her books include STRONGER THAN A BRONZE DRAGON YA steampunk fantasy, Page Street Publishing , the STARSWEPT series YA sci fi, Snowy Wings Publishing , the FATED STARS series YA fantasy, Snowy Wings Publishing , the FLYNN NIGHTSIDER series YA dark fantasy, Crazy 8 Press , and the JANE COLT trilogy space adventure, Red Adept Publishing She is also the co editor of the BRAVE NEW GIRLS sci fi anthologies about tech savvy teen heroines proceeds from sales are donated to the Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund Her short works have been featured in numerous anthologies, including THRILLING ADVENTURE YARNS Crazy 8 Press , LOVE, MURDER MAYHEM Crazy 8 Press , MAGIC AT MIDNIGHT Snowy Wings Publishing , and MINE ComicMix In addition, she is the editor of Crazy 8 Press s upcoming anthology, BAD ASS MOMS due out July 2020 When she s not writing, she can usually be found splitting bags at the kickboxing gym, tangled up in aerial silks, or singing too loudly at choir rehearsal Find her online at

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 ePUB By Mary Fan –
  • Hardcover
  • 400 pages
  • Windborn
  • Mary Fan
  • English
  • 14 October 2018

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