Where the Lord Sleeps

      Where the Lord Sleeps
This is the English translation of Neela Padmanabhan s Tamil novel Pallikondapuram, which was first published in Tamil in 1970 Through the life of Anantan Nair the humble hero of this novel we experience the tragedy of the ancient regime of princely India and traditional Kerala society, caught in a whirl of vulgar modernisation As the rigid hierarchical social order of the Nairs, with the easy virtues of their matriarchal tribalism and the slow pace of an ambitionless life crumbles, Anantan Nair finds himself questioning his life s worth as a husband, father and man In this beautiful novel, Neela Padmanabhan has captured the soul of Trivandrum and laid it bare for us to see Neela Padmanabhan is a prolific writer in both Tamil and Malayalam, with eleven novels, six short story collections, a volume of poems and a collection of essays to his credit About the author The 2007 winner of the Sahitya Akademi award, India s leading literary honour, Neela Padmanabhan is a prolific writer in both Tamil and Malayalam He has several novels, short stories, poetry and essays to his credit His works have been prescribed for graduate study at the universities of Kerala, Calicut, Madurai and Delhi He has translated and edited anthologies in Malayalam, and Tamil respectively A professional with the Kerala State Electricity Board, Neela Padmanabhan retired as its Chief Engineer About the translator This book has been translated from Tamil into English by M Dakshinamurthy M Dakshinamurthy has been an English teacher for many years Fluent in Tamil, Malayalam and English, he has written original poems and articles and translated many novels and poems Among his notable translations from Tamil to Malayalam are Arasu Ganam by K N Subramaniam and Uravugal by Neela Padmanabhan. Read Where the Lord Sleeps – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com

Neela Padmanabhan, born 26 April 1938, is a Tamil writer from Thiruvananthapuram, India He also writes in Malayalam Neela Padmanabhan was born in Kanyakumari District He obtained a B Sc in Physics and a degree in Electrical Engineering from Kerala University He worked in the Kerala State Electricity Board till his retirement in 1993 His first noted work was the novel Thalaimuraigal lit Generations He has written 20 novels, 10 short story collections, 4 volumes of poetry and 7 essay collections in Tamil In Malayalam, he has published a novel, four short story collections and a single essay collection Besides Tamil and Malayalam, he also has a few English works to his credit During 1985 89 he was the Tamil editor at Sahitya Akademi and was the convener of the Akademi s Tamil advisory board during 1998 2002 In 2007, he was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for Tamil for his novel Ilai uthir kaalam lit Autumn He had earlier won the Akademi s award for translators in 2003 for his translation of Ayyappa Paniker s works into Tamil In 2010, his novel Thalaimuraigal was made into a Tamil film titled Magizhchi lit Happiness His most noted work is his novel Pallikondapuram lit Where the Lord sleeps He currently lives in Thiruvananthapuram.

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      Where the Lord Sleeps
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    Absorbing reading the story is told through the main person s encounters and thought processes in a single day and his helplessnes and dejection when his expectations about his children are belied.

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    A beautiful book that describes the journey of life of a person and the various characters that cross his lives What i like about Neela Padmanabhan is the details that he gives to each and every character The story is set in Trivandrum where I am settled and so was able to picturise most of the ways and places the c...

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    The book has definitely lost something in translation Good story but in the end I have to say it fails to grip the reader The characters are a bit one dimensional with the exception of the main protagonist, Ananthan Nair If only the full potential in the story had not been brought outI can only imagine what it would have been in the hands of somebody like Arundhati Roy or Amitav Ghoshand hence the reading leaves you with a feeling of lossBut it is a quick and easy read, so that is a The book has definitely lost somethi...

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