Typologies of Industrial Buildings

      Typologies of Industrial Buildings
An encyclopedic collection of all known Becher industrial studies, arranged by building type.Bernd and Hilla Becher s photography can be considered conceptual art, typological study, and topological documentation Their work can be linked to the Neue Sachlichkeit movement of the 1920s and to such masters of German photography as Karl Blossfeldt, August Sander, and Albert Renger Patzsch Their photographs of industrial structures, taken over the course of forty years, are the most important body of work in independent objective photography A keynote of their contributions to industrial archaeology has been their creation of typologies of different types of buildings this book, which accompanies a major retrospective exhibition, collects all known Becher studies of industrial building types and presents them as a visual encyclopedia.Each chapter is devoted to a different structure water towers, coal bunkers, winding towers, breakers ore, coal, and stone , lime kilns, grain elevators, blast furnaces, steel mills, and factory facades These are organized according to typologies, most of which are presented as tableaux or suites of about twelve images each The book contains close to 2000 individual images The accompanying text by Armin Zweite is an essential art historical consideration of the Bechers work This ultimate Becher book stands as a capstone to the Bechers unique body of work. Free Download Typologies of Industrial Buildings [ Author ] Hilla Becher [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com

With her husband Bernd, Hilla Becher photographed industrial buildings and the two displayed them in grid formats.

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      Typologies of Industrial Buildings
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    As I said before, this is like a video game You are put into a series of environments with slightly changing variables each time you encounter stuff, so it s like a challenge and a journey, and it pairs REALLY WELL with Phillip Glass music That shit was cranking and my whole experience with industrial facades changed Anyw...

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    If I had to name a top 3 of favorite 20th century artists, chances are Bernd Hilla Becher would be in it Their work is simple, deceivingly so, as it has so many implications It might not show, but a lot of work went into all these pictures traveling across Europe and the USA, to places that aren t meant for tourists, waiting for the...

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