Typography: Mimesis, Philosophy, Politics

      Typography: Mimesis, Philosophy, Politics
Philosopher, literary critic, translator of Nietzsche and Benjamin , Philippe Lacoue Labarthe is one of the leading intellectual figures in France This volume of six essays deals with the relation between philosophy and aesthetics, particularly the role of mimesis in a metaphysics of representation Comment 1997Typography is a book whose importance has not diminished since its first publication in French in 1979 On the contrary, I would say, it is only now that one can truly begin to appreciate the groundbreaking status of these essays The points it makes, the way it approaches the questions of mimesis, fictionality, and figurality, is unique There are no comparable books, or books that could supersede it Rudolphe Gasch ,State University of New York, Buffalo Lacoue Labarthe s essays still set the standards for thinking through the problem of subjectivity without simply retreating behind insights already gained But this book is much than a collection of essays it constitutes a philosophical project in its own right Anybody interested in the problem of mimesis whether from a psychoanalytic, platonic, or any other philosophical angle cannot avoid an encounter with this book Lacoue Labarthe is a philosopher and a comparatist in the highest sense of the word, and the breadth of his knowledge and the rigor of his thought are exemplary Eva Geulen,New York University Review In demonstrating how mimesis has determined philosophical thought, Lacoue Labarthe provokes us into reconsidering our understanding of history and politics Together with the introduction, these essays are essential reading for anyone interested in Heidegger, postmodernism, and the history of mimesis in philosophy and literature The Review of Metaphysics Read Typography: Mimesis, Philosophy, Politics – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com

Philippe Lacoue Labarthe philosopher, literary critic, and translator is one of the leading intellectuals in France He teaches philosophy and aesthetics at the University of Strasbourg Among his works translated into English is Typography Mimesis, Philosophy, Politics Stanford paperback edition, 1998.

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      Typography: Mimesis, Philosophy, Politics
 Author Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com
  • Paperback
  • 324 pages
  • Typography: Mimesis, Philosophy, Politics
  • Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe
  • English
  • 19 December 2018
  • 0804732825

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    I will most certainly be getting to writing a review of this work once I am up to the task The importance of this book demands it And though I realize I have been perhaps infinitely deferring the composition of reviews lat...

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    Has a useful essay on Holderlin and the double swerve absence of man and the gods See my translation with Maxine Chernoff of Holderlin s The Poet s Vocation, to which Lacoue Labarthe refers, in Selected Poems of Friedrich Holderlin, to appear in September 2008 from Omnidawn Publishing.

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