The Voice of the Eagle

      The Voice of the Eagle
The book has been made with broad scholarship, with deep understanding and with love, and will be not quickly used up one returns to it again and again It will be cherished by anyone who is thirsty for the water of wisdom that has flowed so abundantly from the spring of Christ Bruno Barnhart, author of Second Simplicity The Inner Shape of Christianity a precious gift for all of us who need to be touched anew by the truth of the Christian teaching Jacob Needleman, author of A Little Book on Love and Money and the Meaning of Life Eriugena is increasingly recognized as one of the most penetrating spiritual masters of the Christian tradition The homily is the clearest summary of his thought about the role of the Divine Logos in cosmology and anthropology and provides the best introduction to his thought In The Voice of the Eagle, Christopher Bamford presents an accurate and readable translation of this classic of Christian thought and suggests valuable comments about its meaning Bernard McGinn, author of The Presence of God A History of Western Mysticism Teachers such as Eriugena and Bamford revive the tradition of those who listen before they speak Listening to the Voice of the Eagle may help us along our deifying pilgrimage into the Word made flesh Father David M Denny, Nada Hermitage, Spiritual Life Institute, Crestone, Colorado Free Read [ The Voice of the Eagle ] Author [ Johannes Scottus Eriugena ] –

John Scotus Eriugena, or Johannes Scotus Erigena d o h ni z, h n s sko t s sk t s r d n c 815 c 877 was an Irish theologian, neoplatonist philosopher, and poet He wrote a number of works, but is best known today for having written The Division of Nature, which has been called the final achievement of ancient philosophy, a work which synthesizes the philosophical accomplishments of fifteen centuries Erigena argued on behalf of something like a pantheistic definition of nature He translated and made commentaries upon the work of Pseudo Dionysius, and was one of the few European philosophers of his day that knew Greek, having studied in Athens Famously, he is said to have been stabbed to death by his students at Malmesbury with their pens.

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      The Voice of the Eagle
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  • The Voice of the Eagle
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  • 16 January 2018
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    My copy of John Scottus Eriugena s homily on the prologue to the Gospel of John did not contain Christopher Bamford s commentary, so I can t speak to that aspect of the work though the Goodreads summary claim that this text is full of ancient Irish wisdom confuses me a bit, as I m not really sure what that is supposed to mean This is, however, a genuinely beautiful piece of writing from Eriugena Even if you aren t spiritual ...

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    Note for future reading Want to read for the translation of Eriugena s commentary on John s Prologue Will probably not read the substantial secondary commentary by Bamford comprising the largest portion of this book.

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    The Voice of the Eagle Homily on the Prologue to the Gospel of St John by Johannes Scotus Eriugena, translated with an introduction and reflections by Christopher Bamford, expounds non dualistic Christianity and Platonism As the center of and creator betwee...

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