The Time Thief

      The Time Thief
When Mika rescues a cat, strange things begin to happen Does Mika have the courage to take on Angel s darkly gifted, cruel owner One evening as twelve year old Mika walks to her friend Aimee s house, she hears a cat yowl and goes to rescue it in front of an abandoned house She brings the cat home and decides to call her Angel With Angel safe at Mika s home, strange things start to happen Someone appears to be watching the house, and a dark presence seems to stalk her in the woods.One day after school Mika arrives home to find that Angel has disappeared Mika is broken hearted and worried for the gentle little cat When Mika and Aimee go out to find Angel, they find her trying to scratch her way out of the house where Mika found her They free her, but not before Angel s mysterious owner sees them After a narrow escape, Mika thinks the problem is solved But then one of her brothers goes missing.Does Mika have the courage to save both her brother and Angel Or will the darkly gifted, cruel woman claim them all Read The Time Thief –

ANGELA DORSEY currently lives on Vancouver Island and is thoroughly enjoying the ocean breezes, awesome hiking, and lack of snow In the past, she has lived in a number of small towns throughout B.C., and loved them all She loves hiking, traveling, and animals, and has a tendency to name her pets after things that remind her of her coastal home, such as Misty, Raven, and Cedar Angela writes novels, screenplays, and non fiction, and has a number of literary publications short stories, poems, and postcard stories and articles published as well.

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      The Time Thief
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  • Paperback
  • 144 pages
  • The Time Thief
  • Angela Dorsey
  • English
  • 27 July 2019
  • 1926607279

10 thoughts on “ The Time Thief

  1. says:

    Horrible cover just not age appropriategood plot in this mystery thriller When Mika walks past an old abandoned house she hears a cat crying which she rescues and then the thriller unfolds.

  2. says:

    Nice, quick to read, Canadian children s fantasy novel Just what I need for my Canadian Fiction booklist

  3. says:

    Despite the awful cover, this book was a decent read I didn t love it, but I didn t hate it either, and it is an interesting premise Overall a quick and easy read with potential that falls short.

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