The Luck Machine

      The Luck Machine
The world is surrounded by intangible energies of which man has little knowledge Electricity, once an unsuspected natural force, is now a known realityso why not luck Once recognized as an actual force, the next step is to construct a machine to harness its forces However, if one person attracts good luck, another is due for bad luck And when the Luck Machine falls into the wrong hands, the inventors wish they d stuck to rabbits feet and black cats New Read eBook The Luck Machine By E.C. Tubb –

Edwin Charles Tubb 15 October 1919 10 September 2010 was a British writer of science fiction, fantasy and western novels The author of over 140 novels and 230 short stories and novellas, Tubb is best known for The Dumarest Saga US collective title Dumarest of Terra an epic science fiction saga set in the far futureMuch of Tubb s work has been written under pseudonyms including Gregory Kern, Carl Maddox, Alan Guthrie, Eric Storm and George Holt He has used 58 pen names over five decades of writing although some of these were publishers house names also used by other writers Volsted Gridban along with John Russell Fearn , Gill Hunt with John Brunner and Dennis Hughes , King Lang with George Hay and John W Jennison , Roy Sheldon with H J Campbell and Brian Shaw Tubb s Charles Grey alias was solely his own and acquired a big following in the early 1950s.An avid reader of pulp science fiction and fantasy in his youth, Tubb found that he had a particular talent as a writer of stories in that genre when his short story No Short Cuts was published in New Worlds magazine in 1951 He opted for a full time career as a writer and soon became renowned for the speed and diversity of his output Tubb contributed to many of the science fiction magazines of the 1950s including Futuristic Science Stories, Science Fantasy, Nebula and Galaxy Science Fiction He contributed heavily to Authentic Science Fiction editing the magazine for nearly two years, from February 1956 until it folded in October 1957 During this time, he found it so difficult to find good writers to contribute to the magazine, that he often wrote most of the stories himself under a variety of pseudonyms one issue of Authentic was written entirely by Tubb, including the letters column His main work in the science fiction genre, the Dumarest series, appeared from 1967 to 1985, with two final volumes in 1997 and 2008 His second major series, the Cap Kennedy series, was written from 1973 to 1983 In recent years Tubb updated many of his 1950s science fiction novels for 21st century readers Tubb was one of the co founders of the British Science Fiction Association.

      The Luck Machine
 By E.C. Tubb –
  • Paperback
  • 299 pages
  • The Luck Machine
  • E.C. Tubb
  • English
  • 09 April 2018
  • 1847827918

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    I couldn t get into this at all I gave it a couple of sessions, but two and a half chapters in, I uttered The Eight Deadly Words, and closed the book I ve liked other work by Tubb, andI think it was me as much as the book, so don t let my reaction put you off trying it.

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