The Love Poems of Lord Byron: A Romantic's Passion

      The Love Poems of Lord Byron: A Romantic's Passion
Truly the epitome of the Romantic Poet, Lord Byron traveled and loved throughout Europe and wrote picaresque verse that proved immensely popular to audiences of his day The man whose name is synonymous with romance gave his life in the noble cause of Greek liberty at the young age of thirty six.Byron s love lyrics like his epic works, Childe Harold s Pilgrimage and Don Juan cast light on his legendary amorous exploits The poems range from his schoolboy imitation of Catullus, to the poems praising such early loves as Mary Chaworth and Theresa Macri, to the tender lyrics for his half sister, Augusta Leigh, and poignant reflections on a failed marriage in Fare Thee Well Byron s poetry reveals a complex mix of self revelation and breadth of knowledge plus an artistically modern sensibility.This selection of forty four poems includes an introduction to Byron s life and notes on individual poems Portraits of the various women in Byron s life contribute to this handsome collector s edition The Love Poems of Lord Byron A Romantic s Passion is the seventh volume in a poetry series that already includes The Sonnets Poems of Love by William Shakespeare, The Love Poems of John Donne, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, A Poet to His Beloved The Early Poems of W.B Yeats, Sonnets from the Portuguese A Celebration of Love by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and The Love Poems of John Keats In Praise of Beauty. Best Download The Love Poems of Lord Byron: A Romantic's Passion by Lord Byron For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

George Gordon Byron invariably known as Lord Byron , later Noel, 6th Baron Byron of Rochdale FRS was a British poet and a leading figure in Romanticism Amongst Byron s best known works are the brief poems She Walks in Beauty, When We Two Parted, and So, we ll go noa roving, in addition to the narrative poems Childe Harold s Pilgrimage and Don Juan He is regarded as one of the greatest British poets and remains widely read and influential, both in the English speaking world and beyond.Byron s notabilty rests not only on his writings but also on his life, which featured upper class living, numerous love affairs, debts, and separation He was notably described by Lady Caroline Lamb as mad, bad, and dangerous to know Byron served as a regional leader of Italy s revolutionary organization, the Carbonari, in its struggle against Austria He later travelled to fight against the Ottoman Empire in the Greek War of Independence, for which Greeks revere him as a national hero He died from a fever contracted while in Messolonghi in Greece.

      The Love Poems of Lord Byron: A Romantic's Passion
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  • The Love Poems of Lord Byron: A Romantic's Passion
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    favorite poems When we two parted , remind me not, remind me not , and thou art dead, as young and fair , fare thee well , stanzas to a lady on leaving England , from Anacreon , to Emma , To Caroline , Imitated from Catullus , there was a time, I need not name , and wilt thou weep when I am low.

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    Okay, so Lord Byron is my favorite poet from the Romantic period and when I saw this book, I had to have it I m a sucker for love poems and Byron s are incredible He creates some of the best rhymes, meters, etc that I have ever read Each poem was a treat and I loved all of them If you are really into love poems but you haven t looked into Lord Byron, I would highly, highly recommend it This is the guy who is credited with creating the Byronic hero for goodness sake He is incredible and yo Okay, so Lord Byron is my favorite poet from the Romantic period an...

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    Recite one of Lord Byron s poems to a young lady who has just emerged from the jaws of death, and she will fall in love with you in an instant Why, I consider Lord Byron my greatest ally in the word of amorous endeavours.

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    This is a lovely small volume of poetry, the pieces span Byron s entire life Most of the themes are about longing, and they re very romantic My rating does not reflect the marvellous experience of reading poetry out loud with someone else It s how poetry should be read.

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    It was great to finally read some Byron, and just after Pushkin too, which was nice The poems were easy to read and frequently touched upon the subject of longing I m still a fledgling poetry scholar, so I look forward to readingByron in the future.

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    Particularly enjoyed To Anne Oh Anne your offenses to me have been grievous Get in line, Lord Byron Also loved the second stanza or So We ll Go No More A Roving For the sword outwears its sheathAnd the soul wears out the breast,And the heart must pause to breathe,And Love itself have rest.

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    Clearly the best of the Romantics.

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    His love poems are fab but as a man, he was always a misogynist skunk Nevertheless I would not fools should single sigh that should be wholly thine.and I don t know whybut rumours of bisexuality always make those young romanticshot.except Shelley, he was a doped out borelol.

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    I downloaded these to my i touch and have been reading them I am ashamed it has taken me this long to finally explore his work.

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    I just could not get into this, as much as I tried sigh

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