The Fourth Ward - Day One (The Slumbaby Chronicles)

      The Fourth Ward - Day One (The Slumbaby Chronicles)
Lenora Pait is of the minority, born into an ill fated generation dubbed the slumbaby population As a whole, these kids have been categorized as savage, unruly outcasts and are segregated from the rest of the world because of it.In Lenora s Ward of the dilapidated country, Cadena, the residents would rather resort to cannibalism than to face certain death Several years after a government coup has left every human, prisoner to this one country world, the citizens of Cadena have had to do anything it takes to survive.Orphaned and left to fend for herself while struggling to care for her younger sister, Lenora has cheated and conned her way through life for the sake of survival.Of Cadena s only nine cites, she has the misfortune of being exiled to the most dangerous city of all the Fourth Ward, a place not fit for any life form to live in In this desolate little city, every child and teenage resident is orphaned, poor and dying of starvation as part of an elaborate government plot to exterminate them all.Something has changed in Lenora s community and a countrywide lockdown has every resident chained inside their Wards for the whole winter Just as Lenora feared, any hope for survival during this time of sickness and savagery, might be jeopardized even further when a mysterious disease infects her Ward, leaving her to tend with zombified creatures who are both half human half animal and a tyrannical government that wants her and every other resident in the Fourth Ward dead whether or not they are infected. New Read Kindle ePUB The Fourth Ward - Day One (The Slumbaby Chronicles) author Amberly Wynn –

Born and raised as a native of the south, Amberly s spent a life with books and been writing since she could talk This soft spoken southern bell is always reading or eating something You can find her near Elvis hometown smackdab in the heartland of Graceland, Memphis TN Her favorite tales come from a plethora of the classics such as Jane Austen and some of today s modern favorites such as John Green She s a lover of all things YA and enjoys evenputting her own spin on the genre herself.She writes for horror, suspense and sci fi audiences of all ages and loves every second of this whimsical writer s life.Amberly s upcoming debut novel, Naked As We Came, is a rousing sci fi romance set in a time and place when humans are the minority on a planet ruled by the vicious Achillai, a humanoid race who aim to enslave.

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      The Fourth Ward - Day One (The Slumbaby Chronicles)
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  • The Fourth Ward - Day One (The Slumbaby Chronicles)
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