The Battle of Titan

      The Battle of Titan
How did we get here What is the story of humans on their way to becoming a major interstellar power What were those first days of humans in space like Who were those humans who went in those first primitive space ships What were the soldiers like, who fought with those primitive weapons What spurred us humans to adapt and expand in space What imperative and stark choices did we face that forced us to learn quickly or perish Who were those first enemies of humans whom we were forced to fight This is the story of those first humans and the first few decades, when we were taken out of our interstellar innocence into a brutal Darwinian universe How they struggled and scrambled to learn technologies and techniques to stay alive, some on their own and some from the very aliens they fought.This is the story of those first brave crews and soldiers who fought with inferior technology, but made up with their ingenuity and their hearts, but always ended up paying with their blood.It is said that humans were plain lucky to meet the Shaitans first and not someone else It was the Shaitans who allowed humans to rise from their primitiveness on trainer wheels, rather than be thrown directly into the deep end and extinction It was lucky that we started our journey into space with the Shaitan Wars This is the opening chapter of the Shaitan wars.This is the story of how a primitive and divided humanity, confined mostly to its home planet Earth, is shocked and dragged into the interstellar arena by the Shaitans They will learn over the centuries that it is a dog eat dog universe, and conflict is the natural state of affairs But first they have to survive the Shaitans The story follows the lives of some of the early pioneers in military, science, engineering and politics who help humanity fight, learn and advance, and slowly help humanity unite It tracks two intrepid young scientists from Hawaii, as they dedicate their lives first finding, studying and then ending up fighting the Shaitans Their loves, struggles, trials and tribulations are documented A young Chinese spy, who despite her ruthlessness, can figure out the futility of human petty politics, that politicians can t.A NASA mission controller, who may be limited by human technology in his fight with the Shaitans, but not by his sagacity How he starts humanity on its path towards reconciliation and cooperation A farm boy from Milwaukee, who ends up being the captain of the first human space war ship How his story, techniques and tactics will be learnt by human space captains for centuries to come.The story culminates in its climax where humans stop the first incursion into the solar system by the Shaitans in an epic battle on Titan The story of that battle is now written in human history as one of its glorious chapters Human literature and arts have immortalized the Battle of Titan over the centuries Epics have been written on those characters, their triumphs, tragedies, their trials and their tribulations Yet they were real people with real fears, who overcame them to become heroes in history.A Marines captain, who leads his soldiers from the front in the grittiest of battles, as sees his fellow soldiers fall one by one His triumphs and his unrequited love keeps his emotions in turmoil A gritty Scottish Lieutenant, who takes the battle techniques of her European ancestors and applies them on Titan A sage like General, whose wisdom and craftiness would make his samurai ancestors proud.Then there is the supreme sacrifice of the crew of the Charles Martell, the final moments of the ship and the crew have been immortalized in many a play and opera The courage and the tragedy of the crew is written in poems in every language.This is the story of all those people and many , some remembered some forgotten, but they all made it possible for humans to survive this first opening chapter of the war with the Shaitans The Battle of Titan. Download The Battle of Titan By Sudipto Majumdar –

Sudipto was born a year before humans first set foot on the moon He has felt cheated all his life that his generation is not roaming across the solar system as was the promise at that time He has gone about his life stuck on earth, doing mundane things like earning a degree in Computer Science Engineering, and as if that wasn t mundane enough going ahead and getting a Masters in Business Administration to seal his fate of leading an ordinary life as an earthling.He has tried to extract a measure of revenge from the society for robbing him of his space adventures, rightfully due to his generation, by turning entrepreneur a few times and unleashing his products on the society He has started up a software product company, an e commerce company and a mobile application studio at various times during his career, while being a corporate slave in the interregnum.He has tried to fill the void left by the unfulfilled promise to his generation with his rock guitar and his books, traveling in his mind not just in space, but in time both future and past In the later part of his life the void has been further filled by his family consisting of his wife and two daughters Golf has also tried to fill the void, but it just can t find enough space left over after the family.Sudipto lives with his family in New Delhi, and would love to hear from you.Mail sudipto gmail.comTwitter sudiptomajumdarFacebook sudipto.majumdarGoodreads sudiptomajumdar

      The Battle of Titan
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  • The Battle of Titan
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  • 11 February 2019

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    Interesting but very basic writingVery interesting concept and setting for military sci fi However the style feels like a translation and makes it sound strange at some points Also very basic in terms of explaining in detail each and every thought and idea from the characters.

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