Strategic Neglect: The art of #winning at parenting

      Strategic Neglect: The art of #winning at parenting
It s a weird thing to write a parenting book Deciding to expose your biggest insecurity, put it all down on paper like you know something other parents don t, and then sitting back and waiting for them to judge you on how poorly you ve done it Overcoming that fear has been the hardest part of writing this book.Much like parenting out there in the world You feel like all eyes are on you, watching and judging and about to call their friends and tell them about the crazy toddler at Costco who was so loud and obnoxious and whose mom was clearly not in control Everyone has an opinion on how to parent correctly From suggestions about how to get your kid to quit the binky habit potty train eat vegetables not be an asshole move out of your basement by the time they re 32, the expert opinions come from every direction Everyone thinks you re doing it wrong, including yourself usually Or is that just me As any parent can tell you, kids are all individuals and how they need to be parented is incredibly individual What works for one kid or parent will most likely not work for another I want to acknowledge this from the beginning right before I tell you all about how I parented my kids.I can t take total credit for my kids being awesome they are, however, my best work any than I want to take responsibility if they somehow turn out to be crazy criminals later on in life Although, let s be honest, as a mom I m bound to feel responsible for all the things, all the time I am not a guru or expert or any of those things, mostly I think I just got lucky, and have some great stories Mostly stories that will make you feel better about the crazy chaos in your life You re welcome Stories that will likely make you feel like a superior parent so call your friends to tell them about the crazy book you just read about this mom who is nuts and tell your friends they ve got to read it too and they should totally buy this book Let s all do that last thing Then we all win, and that s what this entire parenting thing is about anyway, isn t it What this book is NOT A how to, guide or the ultimate authority about how to parent If that s what you re looking for, put down this book immediately and go talk to someone who doesn t have kids for all the answers What this book IS A rallying cry for parents A fist bump for trying your best A glance of sympathy to the other parents at the grocery store and an encouraging look of, I got you It s to acknowledge the sleepless nights and tears over spilled breast milk that come with the early days, the nightmare of potty training and the emotional minefield of tweens with some surefire topics for your kids to discuss with their therapist with a bit of humor thrown in From one mom to another, I get you Together we can do this, or laugh while trying. Download Strategic Neglect: The art of #winning at parenting Author Amber Pechin –

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      Strategic Neglect: The art of #winning at parenting
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  • Strategic Neglect: The art of #winning at parenting
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