Software Requirements and Specifications

      Software Requirements and Specifications
Software Reqiuirements and Specifications is the latest book from Michael Jackson, one of the foremost contributors to software development method and practice The book brings together some 75 short pieces about principles and techniques for requirements analysis, specification and design The ideas discussed are deep, but at the same time lightly and wittily expressed The book is fun to read, rewarding the reader with many valuble and novel insights Some sacred cows, including top down development, dataflow diagrams and the distinction between What and How, are led to the slaughter Readers will be provoked perhaps to fury, perhaps to enthusiasm, but surely to think deeply about topics and issues of central importance in the field of software development There are new ideas about problem structuring, based on the concept of a problem frame, leading to a clearer notion of complexity and how to deal with it And other important topics include Principles for evaluating development methods New approaches to capturing and describing requirements and specifications, based on the relationship between the software system and the problem context The technology of desciption in software, including new ideas such as designations, the separation of descriptive moods and the scope and span of description Incisive information about the proper role of mathematics and formalism. Read Software Requirements and Specifications –

Professor Michael Anthony Jackson born 1936 works as an independent computing consultant in London, England, and also as a part time researcher at ATT Research, Florham Park, NJ, U.S. He is a visiting research professor at the Open University in the UK.Jackson was educated at Harrow School where he was taught by Christopher Strachey and wrote his first program under Strachey s guidance He then studied classics at Oxford University known as Greats , where he was a fellow student with C A R Hoare, two years ahead of him They had a shared interest in logic, which was studied as part of Greats at Oxford.In the 1970s, Jackson developed Jackson Structured Programming JSP In the 1980s, with John Cameron, he developed Jackson System Development JSD Then, in the 1990s, he developed the Problem Frames Approach In collaboration with Pamela Zave, he created Distributed Feature Composition, a virtual architecture for specification and implementation of telecommunication services.

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      Software Requirements and Specifications
 Kindle By Michael A. Jackson ☆ rwanda –
  • Paperback
  • 228 pages
  • Software Requirements and Specifications
  • Michael A. Jackson
  • English
  • 20 December 2018
  • 0201877120

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    Deep The idea of specifying and modeling both the problem and the solution together, in overlapping domains, makes perfect sense So why did it take so long for this brilliant idea to resurface again in the form of Domain Driven Design, eight years later, and then why are so few developers actually applying this method, then or now It takes discipline, sure, but now that I have had a glimpse of how software development can be driven by analysis and models that are firmly connected to the conte Deep The idea of specifying and modeling both the problem and the solution together, in overlapping domains, makes perfect sense So why did it take so long for this brill...

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