Skin Confessions

      Skin Confessions
Skin Confessions reads like a marriage family therapy session with your skin coming to life so you can hear her side of the story Her name is Derma and she plays out as your antagonist, your nemesis, and yet reveals herself as your true hidden heroine loving and caring for you unconditionally She is frustrated with you and the world and has finally reached her Skin Burden Threshold and needs you to pay attention to what she has to say now.Derma declares a truce and that she was never your enemy She is tired of being blamed for everything from your acne to discolorations to irritable dry skin As you hear her evidence based logic, you begin to appreciate what an intelligent ally you ve had all along She describes a fun and animated drama between your organs and the long term cumulative effects of stress, poor diet, alcohol sugar habits and using worthless personal care products have on your endocrine and immune system Don t be surprised when you hear Derma s voice the next time you get ready in the morning and you are slathering on products loaded with alcohol, preservatives and serious toxins like anti freeze and wonder if you ll be able to have grandchildren It s that serious.Derma presents a unique tool to figuratively measure the environmental toxic load in direct ratio to our eating habits and usage of personal care products She provides simplified explanations how to re set the auto immune system with natural and healthier habits She clearly provides a pivot point to take control of what we can control.The author, Suhein Beck was inspired to document ten years worth of research after hearing patterns of the same problems with people with skin conditions The same pattern of what causes eczema and psoriasis How the eczema started with just a small dry patch and how the medications did not work causing it to rebound and spread all over and most tragically how the medications exacerbated the problems physically and psychologically while the patient fell into a deeper dungeon of despair The dangerous side effects of using Topical Steroids and CorticoSteroids over extended periods of time are documented like a crime scene perpetuated by the medical industry, resulting in a far higher price of adrenal and endocrine disruption An entire underground community now exists that experienced Adverse Drug Reactions and became Topical Steroid Addicted and later had to figure out how to withdraw from this highly addictive drug without the acknowledgement or help of their own doctors.A dangerous storm of skin conditions is brewing globally The book, Skin Confessions takes direct aim towards the young female millennial audience as a wake up call to help wean them off using so many dangerous products and shift their trendy habits of wining and dining to a conscious effort of strategic long term health planning. New Download Skin Confessions Author Suhein Beck For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

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      Skin Confessions
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