SAT & BAF! Memories of a Tower Rat

SAT & BAF! Memories of a Tower Rat The year is 1986 The Soviet Union is five years from collapsing, and the arms race has ramped up to unbelievable proportions It appears nothing can end this standoff except nuclear annihilation or capitulation by one of the antagonists One company of infantry stands between the entire Soviet arsenal and live Pershing II nuclear missiles which are the threat used by President Ronald Reagan as he orders Mr Gorbachev to tear down this wall In this brutally honest and irreverently funny account, one of the men who stood the perimeter describes what it was like You will be taken to the field, inside the towers, and out on the town You will be carried through the two year tour of one very young Infantryman as he arrives in Germany straight out of Infantry School and gradually navigates his way through the mind numbingly tedious and insanely active life of a tower rat For possibly the first time, a person who was actually there relates the amazing bond forged in the towers of Waldheide Nuclear Weapons Storage Area You will see it through his eyes You will live it. Best Download SAT & BAF! Memories of a Tower Rat [ by ] Doug DePew [ Kindle ePUB or eBook ] –

The author was an Infantryman in the Army and a Master at Arms Storekeeper in the Navy He has a BSEd in history from Southwest Missouri State University and has taught high school, been a correctional officer, taught juvenile delinquents for the state, and it now a teacher in a federal prison.

↠ Publishers SAT & BAF! Memories of a Tower Rat  Kindle By Doug DePew –
  • Kindle Edition
  • SAT & BAF! Memories of a Tower Rat
  • Doug DePew
  • 14 November 2017

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    I have read many accounts of veterans from WWI to Vietnam This one stands out on its own All of the other books were of soldiers in the front lines fighting a known enemy The main enemy in this book is boredom and the threat of being attacked Mr DePew graphically describes the escapades of the unit he served with for two years in Germany, 2 4 At first I was turned off by the content but then this isn t like Chickenhawk, or Soldat The o...

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    Having read Recall Return of the IRR by Doug DePew, I knew I wanted to read his first book I was not disappointed I could envision what I was reading Sometimes I would laugh until I cried and other times I just cried because it was a scary tim...

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    Doug Depew is rich in truth, humor, and touches your emotions with his memoir about things most Americans don t know Read this book, get informed and follow Doug and his friends through Germany where our govenment has hidden too much.

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    Young men, graduates of the Infantry School, arrive in Germany and are assigned to a special unit that guard s Pershing II nuclear missiles They are given a high pressure assignment that requires a secret security clearance with no preparation or special training for the job Not what they expected Doug DePew tells it like it was, not something the average civili...

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