Revive Us Again: Vision and Action in Moral Organizing

      Revive Us Again: Vision and Action in Moral Organizing
In this collection of sermons and speeches, Rev Barber lays out his groundbreaking vision for organizing across racial, economic, and religious lines, paired with essays from leading activists in his Moral Mondays movement who write about implementing his ideas in an age of division The Rev Dr William J Barber II has been called the closest person we have to Martin Luther King Jr in our midst Cornel West and one of the most gifted organizers and orators in the country today Ari Berman.Rev William Barber is the architect and leader of the Moral Mondays movement, which arose in 2013 in opposition to Republican policies in North Carolina that have restricted voting rights and blocked health care expansion The movement has since expanded to cities across the country, and with the election of Donald Trump, Rev Barber s message is necessary than ever This volume features Rev Barber s most stirring sermons and speeches, with response essays by prominent public intellectuals, activists, and faith leaders Drawing from the history of social movements in the US, especially the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr s Poor People s Campaign, Rev Barber and the contributors to this volume speak to the most pressing issues of our time, including Black Lives Matter, the fight for a 15 minimum wage, the struggle to protect voting rights, the march for women s rights, and the movement to overcome poverty and unite the dispossessed across all dividing lines Grounded in the fundamental biblical theme of poor and oppressed people taking action together, the book suggests ways to effectively build a fusion movement to make America fair and just for everyone. Best Download eBook Revive Us Again: Vision and Action in Moral Organizing Author William J. Barber II –

William J Barber II is an American Protestant minister and political activist He is a member of the national board of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP and the chair of its Legislative Political Action Committee Since 2006 he has been president of the NAACP s North Carolina state chapter, the largest in the Southern United States and the second largest in the country 1 Barber has served as pastor of Greenleaf Christian Church Disciples of Christ in Goldsboro, North Carolina since 1993.

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      Revive Us Again: Vision and Action in Moral Organizing
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  • Revive Us Again: Vision and Action in Moral Organizing
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  • 14 December 2018

10 thoughts on “ Revive Us Again: Vision and Action in Moral Organizing

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    I ve enjoyed William J Barber II s television commentary these last couple years.

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    Sermons on the social justice view of christianity by the Rev Wm Barber II with responses by various other church leaders If you re familiar with the Rev, this book is inspiring but not at all surprising If you re not familiar with the Rev, what the fuck is wrong with you

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    This collection examines fundamental values through speeches given by three reverend doctors regarding actions and morals in today s unfriendly environment The moral policy agenda put forth has five parts The first is pro labor anti poverty policies that allows for economic democracy Second is equality in education Health care for all is third Fairness in the justice system is fourth Finally, fifth are equal protections under the law Part one contains a speech that sets the agenda for This c...

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    These are social justice sermons by Rev Barber followed by responses by various activists Rev Barberb is wonderful, both in his passion for social justice and his biblical scholarship to support it Pastors should read this.

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    A very powerful read It left me fired up about taking action against systemic racism and classism I definitely understand why they compare Barber with King.

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