Jacaranda Vines

      Jacaranda Vines
After years of dominating Australia s wine industry, Jock Witney dies, leaving his family s business in a shambles Despite offer worth hundreds of millions for the company, the family is split and unable to agree on the future of Jacaranda Vines Exhausted after years of Jock s violent temper and exacting ways, it would be a relief to sell Jacaranda to the highest bidder, but Cordelia, Jock s long estranged widow, insists on keeping the winery together.In need of an ally, Cordelia takes her granddaughter on a trip through the harsh Australian outback, sharing with Sophie tales of hardship and secrets from the past She begins her story with Rose, a young girl running from her native England in hopes of finding a new life in the wild unknown of Australia.From Sussex Downs in the 1830s to modern day Australia, Tamara McKinley s breathtaking new novel traces the lives of several generations of one unforgettable family. Best Read [ Jacaranda Vines ] Author [ Tamara McKinley ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com

TAMARA MCKINLEY was born in Launceston, Tasmania, and was forced to come to England with her grandmother to finish her education at an all girls boarding school in Sussex Her childhood experiences and the enduring memories of her amazing grandmother and two extraordinary great aunts, form the back bone of her novels which are coloured with the red, green and gold of her beloved Australia.Having raised her three children in the Eastbourne area she started to write psychological thrillers before returning to her roots in the form of Australian family sagas set against the backdrop of the outback pioneers She is now household name in Germany where her books go straight into the bestsellers list with each title selling around 4 million copies Her books are also popular in Scandinavia, especially Sweden where her first saga, Matilda s Last Waltz was voted the booksellers novel of the year In her homeland of Australia she is considered by many to be Britain s Best Kept Secret.Her eight Aussie sagas to date are published in at least 15 different languages and can be found worldwide.Tamara now lives and writes on the south coast of England but travels to her homeland every year to promote her work, carry out research and visit her eldest son and her two grandsons.Psychological Thrillers Reap the Whirlwind and Queens Flight Hodder Stoughton Family Sagas Matilda s Last Waltz 2000 , Jacaranda Vines 2001 , Windflowers 2002 , Summer Lightning 2003 , Undercurrents 2004 and Dreamscapes 2005 Piatkus Books Lands Beyond the Sea, the first book of her Oceana trilogy, has been published in hardback and paperback by Hodder Stoughton A Kingdom For The Brave, the second in the trilogy, was published in hardback in the UK on 6th March 2008.

      Jacaranda Vines
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  • Hardcover
  • 416 pages
  • Jacaranda Vines
  • Tamara McKinley
  • English
  • 07 May 2019
  • 0312284349

10 thoughts on “ Jacaranda Vines

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    7 10

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    Feelgood roman.

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    I nearly loved this one as much as The last Waltz of Mathilda which is not a small statement

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    A trashy soap opera of a novel Fairly entertaining, but trashy.Family drama abounds in this sweeping story of a family running a winery in Australia Jock Witney, evil patriarch, is dead Cordelia, his 90 year old widow is trying to keep the family business from being divided and sold off The business is Jacaranda Vines, the most successful winery in the country Jock Cordelia s children and grandchildren want to sell off the business, take the money and run They ve all...

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    There are a lot of characters in this story but once they were all introduced I was captured I loved the way the author took the reader from present time to the past and both times were always a page turner Three stars is not really enough to score, 3.5 and sometimes a 4 star would beaccurate Like all good novels I was very sad when I realised I was coming to the end of the story there was so muchI needed to know I think I need to read the whole book again as the There are a lot ...

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    Bon, je le confirme pour moi c est un 5 toiles.Avis aux amateurs des grandes saga familiale, fa on Dallas ou Dynastie, riche en personnages vari es, aux caract res bien tremp s, le d paysement de l Australie sauvage de la fin du 19 me si cle et du d but du 20i me si cle.Je pense que je relirai tr s...

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    Still a great book by Tamara McKinley I love all those great descriptions of Australia s wildest parts

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    Olipa mielenkiintoisesti kokoonlaitettu tarina viininviljelyksen alusta ja haasteista Piti j nnityst yll loppuun saakka.

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    Always a pleasure to go back in time and a different country to find out how people got by.

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    beautifultouchingeverything you are looking for

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