Gingerbread The prize winning, bestselling author of Boy, Snow, Bird and What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours returns with a bewitching and inventive novel.Influenced by the mysterious place gingerbread holds in classic children s stories equal parts wholesome and uncanny, from the tantalizing witch s house in Hansel and Gretel to the man shaped confection who one day decides to run as fast as he can beloved novelist Helen Oyeyemi invites readers into a delightful tale of a surprising family legacy, in which the inheritance is a recipe.Perdita Lee may appear to be your average British schoolgirl Harriet Lee may seem just a working mother trying to penetrate the school social hierarchy but there are signs that they might not be as normal as they think they are For one thing, they share a gold painted, seventh floor walk up apartment with some surprisingly verbal vegetation And then there s the gingerbread they make Londoners may find themselves able to take or leave it, but it s very popular in Druh strana, the far away and, according to Wikipedia, non existent land of Harriet Lee s early youth In fact, the world s truest lover of the Lee family gingerbread is Harriet s charismatic childhood friend, Gretel Kercheval a figure who seems to have had a hand in everything good or bad that has happened to Harriet since they met.Decades later, when teenaged Perdita sets out to find her mother s long lost friend, it prompts a new telling of Harriet s story As the book follows the Lees through encounters with jealousy, ambition, family grudges, work, wealth, and real estate, gingerbread seems to be the one thing that reliably holds a constant value Endlessly surprising and satisfying, written with Helen Oyeyemi s inimitable style and imagination, it is a true feast for the reader. Free Read [ Gingerbread ] Author [ Helen Oyeyemi ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Gingerbread book, this is one of the most wanted Helen Oyeyemi author readers around the world.

✓ Read Online Gingerbread  Kindle Author Helen Oyeyemi –
  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • Gingerbread
  • Helen Oyeyemi
  • English
  • 24 November 2017
  • 1594634653

10 thoughts on “Gingerbread

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    DNF at 30%Magical realism is hit or miss with me Certain books in the genre are charmingly quirky and others go right over my head Unfortunately, Gingerbread was a miss for me.Helen Oyeyemi is undoubtedly a talented writer who can expertly command the page so I was excited to read this upcoming release I appreciate her originality but this novel was underwhelming for me The quirky lives of Perdi...

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    Someone must have given Helen Oyeyemi a handful of magic beans when she was born in Nigeria because she s been planting them ever since This fantastical writer, who completed her first, acclaimed novel at the age of 18, sows her modern day stories in the fertile ground of ancient myths and fables.But Oyeyemi, now 34, isn t just go...

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    2.5 stars I have a feeling that I m going to be in the minority when it comes to this book, but I just didn t get it I was confused and unsure about what was happening 80% of the time, due shifting timelines, elements of magical realism, the multitude of characters and so on While I spent the other 20% engaged in Oyeyemi s wonderful writing, I finished this book without any clear idea of what it was aboutThat said, I think this is a case of It s not you, it s me as I ve come to realize t 2.5 stars I have a feeling that I m going to be in the minority when it comes to this book, but I just didn t get it I was confused and unsure about what was happenin...

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    Helen Oyeyemi has done it again Gingerbread will innocently hold out a hand and lead you though a deliciously dark tale of family, home, wealth, friendship and class I am a devoted fan of all of Oyeyemi s work, but this might be my favorite yet I loved loosing myself in...

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    I don t believe a Helen Oyeyemi novel can be adequately reviewed after one reading Further thoughts to follow Aug 20, 2018 Most anticipated read of 2019.

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    if Murakami had a take on Great Expectations mixed it with fairytale magic and sprinkled fucks all over it what a joy That heart, ground to ash and shot through with darts of heat, salt, spice, and sulphorous syrupyou are phenomenal You ve ruined my life forever Thank you.

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    What s the recipe for Gingerbread Take a pound of ergot infested wheat, a stick of Brothers Grimm and a good smidgen of surrealism When I think of the food gingerbread I think of a dark complexity of flavours I m never sure what is in it or even if I really like it It s possible I just eat it because its tradition and I feel that I should Helen Oyeyemi s Gingerbread provoked s...

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    This book has a beautiful cover beautiful writing on the inside, but the story was over my head I thought I was somewhat getting it until about 2 3 of the way through when I realized that I really had no idea what was happening It was beautiful language, it just didn t translate into a story for me.

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    On its surface, Gingerbread is a tale of family and a young daughter discovering her heritage with her mother, but Oyeyemi s electric prose makes it so muchthan that Her sentences leap off the pages and her playfulness and slightly dark edge are infectious This book ...

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    More like 4.5.Impeccable writing Her descriptions, characters, worlds are something to be studied again and again A simple story but vivid and provocative and humorous, reminding me very much of the best families we ve been introduced to.

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