Forbidden curses

      Forbidden curses
When darkness ensnares the hearts and minds of four ladies they must work together religiously to overcome their personal demons But it won t be easy The drugs of choice have created unbelievable chaos in each of their lives Ms Ella met a young man who swept her off her feet and introduced her to drugs at the age of sixty Carmen turned to drugs after finding out the lady she thought was her mother wasn t She suffered physical and mental abuse Carmen meets Daiddy in the program they fall in love Daiddy struggles to stay clean Death has always followed Angela She used drugs as an escape Her Italian family disowned her and she ends up in the hood with addicts and dealers Mari is cursed with the addictive gene from her father Her mother moves Mari and her sister from state to state They witness their mother getting mentally and physically abused They chose the same kind of men Mari is trying to break the Curse of abuse and addiction They are trying to live life on life s terms without drugs and alcohol While they lean on each other for support. New Download [ Forbidden curses ] Author [ Cole B. Hicks ] –

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      Forbidden curses
 By Cole B. Hicks –
  • Kindle Edition
  • Forbidden curses
  • Cole B. Hicks
  • English
  • 14 November 2018

10 thoughts on “ Forbidden curses

  1. says:

    This is definitely not my typical urban read but I still enjoyed the story line I was able to see the struggles of families and friendships that grew into love and sisterhood This books was deep, it took me places emotionally where I was speaking out loud Ex Why No please don t do that you have a family, What kinda father are you etc As I read the story grew on me and I was able to see where the author was trying to take me emotionally an beyond Job well done Looking forward to see what This is definitely not my typical urban read but I still enjoyed the story line I was ...

  2. says:

    The author had great intentions however I found that the characters and storyline was a little underdeveloped Despite those minor issues, overall the messages in the book was clear and I would definitely recommend this book to an individual battling an addiction.

  3. says:

    Would have been a really good book, but the editing sucked

  4. says:

    This was a good read I feel this book is helpful to any one going through this situation

  5. says:

    TerribleThis book was not good at all It was very vague in details not graphic enough to put you in the story The characters were relatable and easy to identify with and the story line has potential to be the greatest story ever told but it s a boring read And again not graphic enough

  6. says:

    Wow I grew up surrounded by drugs poverty mental illness and a few other things I work in a methadone clinic as a counselor and was hoping this book could give me a few ideas Unfortunately i can t incorperate religion but i do indirectly to ...

  7. says:

    Decent Book Needs Editing The storyline in this book was pretty good, but the typos and grammatical errors were so bad, I almost stopped reading the book a couple of times This book needs a good proofreader.

  8. says:

    Another Head BangerThis book was actually pretty good I m looking forward to pt.2, Mari better not relapse Debra needs her was beat asap, Angela gonna be okay Momma Ella well ummm guess I gotta wait

  9. says:

    ExactlyEveryone should read this book if u know someone that on drugs they should read this book how drugs break up a family

  10. says:

    IntriguingI love this story it tells the truth of people who have hit rock bottom and make it out and struggle to stay out Having supporters makes a world of difference

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