Final Entry Frenzy

      Final Entry Frenzy
Their mission to the moon is coming to the end for the sex crazed miners in the fourth installment of Moon Lust, but not before they engage their horny rocket boosters and initiate lift off for some high octane dick rides into the outer limits of erotic ecstasy Final submission of their lone hold out is primary task at hand Fortunately Rudy Washington s rocket is nearing its launch window and ready for blast off to non stop penetrating stimulation and gratification, because resistance is futile The six man crew with sinewy muscles straining to keep up, launch their primed pricks into hyper drive, indulging their insatiable desires in marathon sessions of super nova oral and anal sensations testing the outer limits of their libidos and sexuality New discoveries about themselves and each other await each of them in this final frenzy of their unexpected, but highly contagious case of moon lust The only cure a non stop feast at the lunar Hummertown Buffet WARNING This M M erotica book contains explicit descriptions of sexual situations involving oral stimulation, anal penetration and other graphic sex and is therefore intended for ADULTS ONLY DISCLOSURE This book is part of an erotica serial story consisting of several sexually stimulating segments that tell an ongoing arousing story divided into individual steamy installments As a continuing saga each installment does not necessarily have a satisfactory conclusion or a happily ever after for the characters, but their spicy hot sexcapades will have the opportunity to continue for as long as readers are willing to invest in their erotic futures. Free Download [ Final Entry Frenzy ] author [ Eve Bliss ] –

Variation is the spice of life for erotica author Eve Bliss Whether contemporary, sci fi, paranormal, historical, gay, lesbian, threesomes, BDSM there are no boundaries to the time periods, real or imaginary worlds, or sexcapades her characters explore The one common theme in each story will be a big helping of orgasms with a side of horny hotties, lusty lovers, and intense pleasure A lifelong resident of sunny California Eve prefers wearing open toed shoes, has traveled tothan a dozen countries, and enjoys hearing from readers at 2MissBliss

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      Final Entry Frenzy
 by Eve Bliss –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 63 pages
  • Final Entry Frenzy
  • Eve Bliss
  • English
  • 07 April 2018

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