Fallen Ashes (#21)

      Fallen Ashes (#21)
Henry and Jules are waiting, wanting to see if they have any chance of stopping the knights from their plans to attack the hatchery With Mandy nearby, Jules believes they have a strong ally on their side Henry doesn t see it that way There s always the chance of her switching her allegiance back to the Order They have to rely on whatever help they can get tough if they plan on stopping the attack before it happens Annabel and Crispin discover why the Unseen have been grouping together in one place and they wish they hadn t Strong forces are at work here and enemies seem to be hiding in every direction When help comes from an unlikely source, it creates confusion than help. Read Fallen Ashes (#21) – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com

Danielle Kazemi started off as one quirky kid She always stayed in her fantasy worlds and would constantly be in trouble for not paying attention It all paid off when she started writing books set in her own world.She lives deep in bayou land alligators and all She has two little boys who dictate how much time she gets to write which isn t much.She loves hearing from readers Seriously Even the negative ones Always feel free to chat with her even if she acts nervous.

      Fallen Ashes (#21)
 – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com
  • Kindle Edition
  • 85 pages
  • Fallen Ashes (#21)
  • Danielle Kazemi
  • English
  • 05 October 2018

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