Essay on Typography (Revised)

      Essay on Typography (Revised)
Born in 1882, Gill was an artist, letter carver, gadfly, polemicist, and social reformer In 1925, he had started drawing alphabets and printing books, and in 1931, this plainspoken little book was a fustian and forceful argu ment for common sense in design, composed for anyone remotely interested in the subtle and evolving challenge of the typographic arts Set rag right, with tight word spacing, it is a model of composition The text, like most of Gill s, is exasperating, exorbitant, and exciting But Gill was, above all, a craftsman, whose work always reflected his philoso phy and whose hand always followed his moral convictions. New Download [ Essay on Typography (Revised) ] by [ Eric Gill ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook –

Arthur Eric Rowton Gill ARA was an English sculptor, typeface designer, and printmaker, who was associated with the Arts and Crafts movement.

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      Essay on Typography (Revised)
 By Eric Gill For Kindle ePUB or eBook –
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    If you, like me, expected this little book to provide an extended meditation on typography, you d be disappointed.Rather, 3 4ths of Eric Gill s On Typography comprises an empty, monotonous homily on the relationship between industry and craft I patiently waited for Gill to say something interesting, at least, about the relationship between industry and craft or, perhaps, meaningfully connect the topic into his disc...

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    N gonsin satt n got i Gill Sans Eric Gill Fr n Brighton F rst ov ntat politisk ton, som en nutida Maker Movement Chomsky I kommande kapitel t nker jag p Rilkes ord I am learning to see Till slut talar Herr Gill om det jag trodde att hela manifestet handlade om, typsnittThere are now about as many different varieties of letters as there are different kind of fools I myself am responsible for designing five different sorts of sans serif letters each one thicker and fatter than the N gonsin satt n got i Gill Sans Eric Gill Fr n Brighton F rst ov ntat politisk ton, som en nutida Maker Movement Chomsky I kommande kapitel t nker jag p Rilkes or...

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    a brief history of typography from ancient times to current days The author did mention about the lost of art in typography and strokes because of mass production which I beg to differ.

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    An interesting little time capsule revealing the tension between industrialisation and the humane as Gill calls it of the 1930s Gill, being of the arts and crafts movement, lands on the side of the humane, but still allows for mechanical forms he was the designer of Gill Sans, afterall Some of these thoughts are still relevant to us of course, and his philoso...

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    not quite the typographical romp i was guessing at when i decided to read it this book was a real object of desire from the moment i saw a poster of a quote from it IF YOU LOOK AFTER GOODNESS AND TRUTH BEAUTY WILL TAKE CARE OF ITSELF but gill is petty, odd, a little paranoid or maybe just realistic about the advent of machine generated...

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    For a book on typography, I found this essay surprisingly badly typeset interesting read, but I thought it was not really to the point.

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    Gill Sans is the official font at my workplace, and I am the person responsible for enforcing its use by all the staff It s a beautiful modernist font which I love seeing, second only in my heart to Futura, the story of which is fascinating It is with that then that after months of passing by this essay in Waterstones I finally succumbed and bought it I ve still yet to read about the controversies of Eric Gill s life, but one thing is clear from this essay and that is how...

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    Three line review Written in 1931, this extended essay explains and defends the nuances of typography in the face of industrialization I most enjoyed the sections discussing what constitutes a letter and how letters come to be symbols that eventually become words with meaning Unfortunately,...

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    If you are ever interested in how letters and laid out on a page and the history of printmaking, this classic essay is the book for you It is very easy to read with many good illustrations from a master printer A bit dated in spots since it was written in 1931 but still enlightening.

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    Thethe human race is degraded by industrialism, the larger is the market for inferior articles in order to reach a larger and still larger number of buyers you produce a lower and still lower quality of goods.

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