Dragon Kin and other fantasy stories

      Dragon Kin and other fantasy stories
The Dragon Kin anthology is a collection of fantasy stories with plenty of twists that will keep you turning the page for In this anthology, a young man s incredible past is uncovered when he saves a young woman from conjured, fire breathing dragons A novice wizard s resolve is tested when he is chased by rabid dogs for accusing a king s beloved queen of murder A mother prepares to brave danger by taking on a gluttonous black dragon with an overzealous penchant for livestock in the next valley that threatens, if left unchecked, to see her children going hungry during the looming winter A cunning assassin sneaks into the castle dungeons to silence a prisoner before his testimony can reveal startling revelations about the queen A desperate man does the unthinkable when he tries to kill a seven year old girl for the bounty placed on her head An elf risks exposing the world s best kept secret her secret by embarking on a rescue mission to retrieve captured humans and kidnapped phoenix eggs. Best Read [ Dragon Kin and other fantasy stories ] author [ Vanessa Finaughty ] – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com

I ve been writing and reading ever since I learnt how When I m unable to write for extended periods, I literally go a little crazy.My interests include photography, nature, the supernatural, life s mysteries and martial arts, of which I have five years experience.I love to hear any type of feedback and am available for Skype or email interviews.

      Dragon Kin and other fantasy stories
 – cricketworldcuplivestreaming.com
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  • Dragon Kin and other fantasy stories
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  • 05 September 2018

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