Better Off Dead

      Better Off Dead
They say dead men tell no tales, but that s just because they ve never worked as a Grim Reaper.Grim Reapers are real They are governed by the Council of Reapers Reapers are responsible for the capture and containment of dead souls that refuse to or cannot move on to the afterlife.Lori Standford s mother died six months ago Now she s back, haunting Lori out of her home Lori turns to her close friend, Emma Grym, mother of Thane and Mort Grym, for help.Now Thane and Mort find themselves embroiled in a mystery of dead men that stretches all the way to the top. Read Better Off Dead –

Jason Krumbine loves to write He s happily married and lives in Manhattan, NY where he enjoys reading in Central Park, going to movies and discovering new stand up comedians You can connect with Jason at either his website,, Facebook, Twitter jasonkrumbine or good ole fashion email onestrayword He s always up for a talk about the newest Star Trek movie or what s happening in the world of comic books and TV.

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      Better Off Dead
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