In Lee Killough s Aftershock, published by Books We Love, it would be logical for the culture of a distant planet unconnected to Humans to bewellalien A different social and family structure, different legal system, different religion But maybe some things aren t that alien war, politicsmurder A natural disaster like an earthquake would seem to be perfect cover for murder But the murder is discovered, with the prime suspect a member of a family allied to Emperor Benamea Haneem Lord Edo Ishda, brother to the Emperor, must discover the truth and see justice done in a situation where every solution threatens to be political dynamite for the Emperor. Free Read [ Aftershock ] Author [ Lee Killough ] –

Lee Killough has been storytelling since the age of four or five, when she began making up her own bedtime stories So when she discovered science fiction and mysteries about age eleven, she began writing her own science fiction and mysteries Because her great fear was running out of these by reading everything her small hometown library had It took her late husband Pat Killough, though, years later, to convince her to try selling her work Her first published stories were science fiction and her short story, Symphony For a Lost Traveler , earned a Hugo Award nomination in 1985.She used to joke that she wrote SF because she dealt with non humans every dayspending twenty seven years as chief technologist in the Radiology Department at Kansas State University s Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital before retiring to write full time.Because she loves both SF and mysteries and hated choose between the two genres, her work combines them Except for one fantasy, The Leopard s Daughter, most of her novels are mysteries with SF or fantasy elementswith a preference for supernatural detectives vampire, werewolves, even a ghost She has set her procedurals in the future, on alien words, and in the country of dark fantasy Her best known detective is vampire cop Garreth Mikaelian, of Blood Hunt, Bloodlinks, and Blood Games Five of her novels and a novella are now available as e books and she is editingto turn into e books.Lee makes her home in Manhattan, Kansas, with her book dealer husband Denny Riordan, a spunky terrier mix, and a house crammed with books.

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 Kindle By Lee Killough ☆ church –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 33 pages
  • Aftershock
  • Lee Killough
  • English
  • 12 October 2018

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    Interesting world building would like to seeof this world Story is really dependent on the fantasy world it occurs in.

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    a classic novelette length story featuring murder, accusations, family traditions history pride, and justice reminiscent of great greek or eastern literature.

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